Monday, December 18, 2017

2018 NTRP Rating News, Bitching, Complaining, Jumping for Joy

New ratings came out 2 weeks ago, but my lazy ass did nothing but look over and peek.

No real surprises to be honest although there was a certain 4.5 player that appealed down to 4.0 somehow, guess competition was too tough after going 3-1. Thanks USTA Clowns.

The 4.5 Chasm has gotten much bigger now with several bumps from 4.0 to 4.5, no real moves from 4.5 to 4.0 other than the appeal. Few older statesmen got appeals from 5.0 to 4.5 (Welcome back Alex and David) and a couple of 4.5/5.0 players will be joining the 40+ gang this coming year.

The Suck It Award goes to Kiker and Nordentoft for about the 4th straight year, guess USTA just hates these guys and refuse to let them back down to 4.0 even with the losses mounting.

The Wiseman comes back to 4.5, Big Red makes his debut at 4.5, a Baptist Pastor also makes a return 4.5, while doubles prodigy remains 4.0, and Big Lee gets to stay at 4.0, ATA's favorite son remains a 4.5, while 55+ gang get bumped to the desert called 5.0.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Post Sectionals Recap and Old Men 40's Sectionals

Well the youngsters finished Sectionals last weekend and well my predicitions kinda sucked.

AR 4.0: 2-2, but could have been 4-0 with 2 MTB wins. No Wiseman, no Kaliki probably hurt, but it is what it is. Not sure who gets bumped to 4.5 next, although have to assume, Zimmerman, Meredith, Wiseman are likely candidates.

AR 4.5: 0-4, not wholly unexpected, this was more of a 40 and over team, with a couple youngsters to feed to the brutal heat. Good fights but not their year. Believe Casey G. saved himself a bump with a few losses at Sectionals.

AR 5.0: 0-4, pretty disappointing result, this team was pretty stacked, but without a Kajevski and Martinex would have been tough but with a few of the guys though would have done better.

40 and overs started today and the 4.5 Men got a big win over GA (A). .

Good luck the rest of the way for the 4.5 guys.
With a dominating 5-0 win over SC the men play the Finals this morning, I would think they would be the favorites against NC. Singles appears in favor of AR, doubles always turns into a toss-up at this level.
Depth at #2/3 should favor AR with Bynum/Lloyd, John/Joe

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2017 AR Sectionals Write-up

2017 Sectionals for Arkansas

Wait was there a season this year, guess so even if I decided to hack my way thru disc courses of the SE. Oh just waiting for the 40s season in 2018 so this old man can get his butt kicked by the over 40s  5.0 players, but anyways who cares about the washed up hacker.

With out further adieu, lets look at the divisions 4.0 and above divisions. For those 3.5 and below, don't come complaining, because I don't care.

4.0: So lets see the team I would have thought to win easily in AR, took their lumps but came thru and won the State, I mean come on when you have a bunch of former 4.5 old men and 5.0 level Seniors, you should win. This is loaded by AR standards and consider to be best team at 4.0 level coming out since the 2008 team that took 2nd at Nationals. Big question can the old guys handle the heat?
Lots of experience on this team as well with many members having been to sectionals before.
Expect Wise"crack"man to try and keep his unblemished this year, at least until mixed doubles.
Hopefully the Baptist Preacher can pray for the team and give them some divine intervention.
Roger Meredith if healthy will the doubles charge, Zimmerman excels in singles and doubles, just watch for the foot faults, at least while officials are around. Others who should help include big hitter Mesaris, wild card K. Luneau, and 4.0 lifetime member Hobson.
The guys got a good draw avoiding GA, 2016 Winner MS, NC-A.
If all comes together I think the team should win their group, but will be tough task to win it all.

4.5 Tennis:
Upset for J'Boro making it out of State, thanks for Birch beating himself by winning the final doubles against NWA and underestimating JBoro.
Team led by veteran stalwart Gary Jones, as long as you can get him on the courts and away from hiking in the mountains, guess good thing Mobile is on the coast and no mountain ranges nearby.
Singles guru will be the ATA golden child Casey, hopefully he is not to love struck so he can play every singles match, sucks being the young buck. Old stalwarts Hunter/Armstrong can still win doubles win on. Milnes and Eden will also be counted over the weekend, as the doubles took a hit with Papa Garretson out with an injury. The team will have a rough time at Sectionals with not alot of fire power overall, as they are the surprise team.
Southern did them nsome favors by not being placed with SC and GA, but 2016 winner MS-A is there and NC is always tough.
Predict 1-3 record. Sorry guys a good run but will be tough.

5.0 Team
Wyatt Miller again with a stand out team. Give credit his guys are not tanking back to 4.5.
Sergio Ramirez will lead the charge, along with Michael S Pereira as the other 5.5
Raul Bermudez and Daniel Cornelison should anchor a strong contingent of 5.0 guys.
Within their Pool: LA very strong 5.5 in Lopez who played #1 at ULL, SC has a young gun in Kyle Koch who played at the top of SCAR recently; TN is standard 5.0 team; GA-B is an enigma lots of 4.5 players but some good 5.0/5.5 players

Overall: Team probably goes 3-1 just missing making finals.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 End of Year Ratings - By Popular Demand

Ok maybe not popular but for me one request is enough to type up something real quick

Good-bye nice to know you in 4.5 land.
Casey Garretson, Eddie Bailey, Alex Scharlau, Alex Rivas, and Jay Heflin got the boot to 5.0
UAFS and OBU Junior Pups also saw their fun end going to 5.0

Hey we missed you Award and welcome back to 4.5: Brandon Cox out in WATA.
Raul Bermudez finally gets his 5.0 rating, will be tough to beat there. I am sure Wyatt and crew are beating his door for 5.0 and 40+ 4.5 league

Super Mario and Baylor Stud Sergio get kicked to 5.5, after dominating 5.0 and 9.0 mixed

Those celebrating the new ratings:
Adam Zimmerman and Jimbo Ramsey -- Congrats on another year to dominate those poor bastards at 4.0 yet again

Drinking Salty Tears yet again: Brandon Kiker, what does the poor man have to do to get to 4.0 again. Is it time to get visual verifiers out again? There are many players who who probably be about 1 level lower, while others need to be higher.

Will USTA do anything about Juniors self-rating prior to signing with a college, thus playing 1-3 levels below where they should be. Sorry no D2 player/signee should be playing 4.0 and even 4.5 league.
I am looking at you UAFS and OBU signees.

2017 4.5 season will be interesting to see where a few juniors land as they finalize college plans.

Few 4.0 to 4.5 bumps: Synco, McCloud, Show get to have fun in tankers paradise .. I mean 4.5 league.

Ok for now I am done, but will taker longer look later and have some more fun.

So just saw a complete ringer placed into 4.0 team, what a nice Christmas Gift by Southern and ATA to allow it, won't reveal the name, but player when healthy is a 5.0 doubles player. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Bring it On 2017!

Out 4.5 Hacker

Monday, November 30, 2015

New Ratings re Out for Arkansas

I know I am asshole with such a tease, I'll comeback for more later today or tomorrow, or whenever the hell I feel like it.

Will say first glance interesting, but not a lot of excitement
For those to lazy to look follow this link and figure it out:

Update 10:43 PM

Alright the big man at Burns has requested some knowledge be shed for 2015 season so here goes

1. 5 guys from Ft Smith got the bump to 5.0, damn guess that means UAFS will now win 5.0 leagues
2. Batman and Robin from Little Rock can no longer dominate 8.5, but I hear they may tackle 9.5 now
3. Kiker, Luneau, Robinson, Nordentoft in 2016 beat Marc Nixon, that way you can go down to 4.0
4. Tank You Very Much Award: Papa Murphy
5. Miller, Phelps, Jones and the other 5.0s on the Sectional Team, thanks for not tanking
6. Jonesboro 2016: Rivas is back, but leave the MS guys alone
7. How many teams with the dynamic duo commit to next year, only to be foiled by the pesky sign-up deadlines
8. How many 4.5 teams for 2016 in CLR? 3 or 4? With there be another schism (get a f'n dictionary and stop being lazy) between CF and BB as the tankers come back down?
9. Who are some potential free agents? MD, G.BB

10. It's lonely at the top in 4.0 Award? --> Jacob "Don't call me McDaniel" McDaniels. Really congrats on being the poor sucker to be bumped to 4.5 out of all the 4.0s

11. Will I ever talk about NWA tennis? Maybe once they decide to leave their Country Clubs in Walton Land for a full weekend and do something at Southern Sectionals, not that weak ass Mo. Valley stuff.

12. The WTF is USTA Computer thinking award: Sergio Ramirez getting a 5.0 rating despite blasting everyone at 5.0 and only loss being to a 5.5 in three sets. Who ever gets him in Spring 2016 will be happy, now they can get another stud college player

Night, Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc..

Monday, November 9, 2015

Combo State -- Wait What!??!!

Hmm for some reason some clowns still like to view this site on occassion, must be bored or have a 5th grade reading level for this drivel.
So anyways after hearing about 1 person's interest, let's discuss that beast of a format called Combo, in particular 8.5 combo.

Whoa!! Hold on to your butts, saw everything from 4.5/4.0 combos, to a 5.0/4.5 combo (well ok will be in about 3 weeks), then there was a 5.0/3.5 popular and what about that 5.5/3.0 line winning a match.

So in the end the tennis player, turned farmer/rancher Kiker led his band of goons to the title, while texting non-stop and never stepping foot on the court, well done.

Hoffmann/McDaniels won the clutch matches, although they must have been bored as they actually lost a match to Rogers or still pissed about forgetting a sign-up deadline

ATA's favorite son and Burns Park superintendent won everything this weekend

As for the other teams:
Rogers as usual showed up for one day, then said fuck it, let's go home with one their best players only playing one match, very important when they defaulted a court in a crucial match

Jonesboro was a man down all weekend for whatever reason, but fear not the tanks are coming for 2016

Ft Smith: again without one their best players all weekend, guess studying and playing college tennis makes it tough to play against the best rec players in AR.

Oyos: HAHAHA!!! oh wait they nearly took the title even with a 8.0 team taking 8.5 to third, will be entertaining to hear the whining of what could have been.

Anyways, nothing else to talk about, next week is 7.5 and 9.5 but who cares right it is only combo.

Get ready for 2016 Boys Papa Murphy and the tanks are coming and new ratings come out in a few weeks, I might discuss those if drunk enough or not breaking rackets.

Peace out to the lefty that for some reasons surfs the site.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Predictions AR State Championships Phase I

4.0 Men:
Thought I would know more of these guys but truly don't recognize many of them.
Rogers/Scott appears to be the clear favorite and with their toughest competition not allowed into the tournament they should roll pretty good.
Expect Synco holding down the singles lines, David Lord playing top of the Doubles with multiple partners.
Appears toughest match will be the first one against NWA.

Fort Smith has 2 teams (3 team league)
NWA has 2 teams (1st and 3rd Place)
CLR only 1 Team WTF!!!
Where the hell is Jonesboro who are always staples of 4.0 State?

No Mid-season hurt CLR this year as they only got one team in even though their 2nd Place team is better IMO than the other teams outside of Rogers/Scott. Of course no mid-season also meant no late season tanking could be done, see their is a benefit.

So predict:
1: CLR: Rogers/Scott 2: WATA: Nelligan 3: NWA: Harris 4: WATA: Tran 5: NWA: Baird

4.5 40+ Men
This is easily Birch's to lose, would take a miracle or injuries for the other teams to pull it out.
Birch should cruise if all players are their. they have the best singles in Sixbey and Derevyanik
Also they have Laferney who will be tough at the #2 slot
The doubles of course can be tough to predict as Ft Smith has some good doubles players, but having to win all 3 doubles lines is a tough task.
Robinson is in the same boat, he has good doubles but no horses that can take a singles line against Birch, again tough to take all 3 doubles lines.

Prediction: 1: CLR: Birch, 2: CLR: Robinson 3: WATA: Cox

The 5.0 Men has already been decided and of course was a joke as one team was only there for the tanking, no one can argue that fact just look at the scores. Also rumor of score manipulation as well, not just my observation but have heard it from others, but in ATA community the captain is apparently beyond reproach, but years of following usually shows where there is smoke there is fire. They just need to come out and be honest their team was made to get all their players back down to 4.5 for 2016. No use denying unless you are being a politician.

Wyatt Miller has a solid team that could do well at Sectionals. He has solid doubles with Martin Kajevski, Matt Jones and a solid 5.5 in Ramirez will make them a tough out.

State of Adult Tennis: Very sad to only see 5 teams in 4.0 draw when 5-6 years ago their was 11 teams at State. Only 3 4.5+ Teams and 2 5.0 Teams. So what is going on? Are players tired of the tanking? What can ATA and STA do, because apparently changes made in the last 5 years is killing off Adult League Tennis at least on the men's side. Do the seasons need to be spread out? Having 18, 40, and 55's all at same time is tough for anyone., then going right into MXD and Combo gives no down time. Are entry fees to pricey? $30 to play 1-2 matches, usually x2 when mid-season is played. Many of the same players are also on 2-3 other teams so gets expensive to play tennis in Arkansas.

What are the solutions?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Too Blog or Not to Blog 2015 Arkansas State Tournaments

May do some chatting in the neat future and see what I can do to make the few fans happy.

Will start with 4.5+ 40&U and 5.0 Divisions
4.0 18's Tournament, will be fun

Then the College Division .. sorry the 18+ 4.5 Division

As for the other divisions, sorry I really just don't give a ....

Once written please know I don't care what others think about what I type and if it hurts your feelings I will buy you a handkerchief to wipe away the tears.

Will start posting come Wednesday or so.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Final State Championships

Well what a time and the upsets have started.

Congrats to Byron Cato and Jonesboro on winning State Championships and the Berth to Sectionals, now how are you going to fare once you lose your stud singles player within the next 48 hrs once the numbers are run.

Also great playing by Ft Smith as well did not expect them to finish 2nd, congrats guys was fun to play you guys, Jim Anderson was a good representative of your team

Jonesboro won the big match-up against Miller/Fairley winning 4-1 behind singles play and taking 2 MTB's in doubles.

Jonesboro then beat Ft Smith 3-2 on Sunday to clinch winning both doubles, although #2 Singles with Bolds was much much closer than expected. They then took #1 Doubles in MTB, while losing MTB at #2 and being blown out at #3.

Cato did a masterful job in the doubles mixing up team placement each match to keep teams guessing

Arkansas 4.5 Men's Results

Miller/Fairley 2-0 after Day 1 then the underdogs do it again with Ft Smith taking out Miller 3-2 Laster thrashed E. Bailey 2,1
Hickey lost to Hardee 1,4
Anderson/Eads lost to Matthews/Miller
Carson/Smith beat Heflin Brothers
McCain/Gilliam beat Clifford/Bourdo --- Wyatt should have protested but too bad
Saving players? No P Murphy, no Mattocks, Jones out of Town == disaster

 Jonesboro sitting 2-0 behind singles domination of young guys, they will be needed at 5 PM against Miller Team for what should decided the title

Ft Smith and NWA both 1-1

Birch sitting at 0-2 after facing Jonesboro and Miller

Interesting match ups tonight should be fun.

Expecting several Dynamic DQ's of Self-rates after this tournament and numbers are run, I'll keep it to myself for now .....

I see the following gone once new numbers run:

Andrew Bolds -- sorry charlie your trying to keep it close against FT Smith won't help
Andrew Todd -- no losses and rolled at State
Grady McCain -- should have been protested as a signee with D2 UAFS UAFS Signs 4 then add in dominating doubles play at State

Matt Hardee -- was close but should be safe now
Jordan Custer -- close but losses at State keep safe
Justin Mattocks -- borderline and could go either way

Thursday, May 29, 2014

State Tournament Schedule Released ... oh it is a Doozy by the ATA on the guys

So old days the biggest complaint has been the guys having to play a match on Friday and missing work because of a match schedule at noon and then nothing until Saturday, well the higher ups at ATA decided to go one further and scheduled not "1" but "2" matches on Friday. Should make for interesting line-ups on Friday

So matches:
Birch v Cato
Fairley/Miller v. Humbert/Stursma
Laster v Humbert/Stursma
Fairley/Miller v. Birch

11:00 AM
Humbert/Stursma v Cato
Fairley/Miller v. Laster

5:00 PM
Fairley/Miller v Cato
Birch v. Laster

11:00 AM
Humbert/Stursma v Birch
Cato v. Laster

Good luck to all and have fun on the courts

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

State Championships right around the Corner

League Play has Finished and let the Games begin

Assuming there will be a 5 Team Royal Rumble the weekend of June 6-8th Five Teams Fighting to Go To Sectionals


Cato/Jonesboro: Bolds has been DQ'ed to 5.0, believe it was a Dynamic DQ and not grievance




 Should be interesting will the 4 teams have their full line-ups for that inevitable Friday match that ATA loves to play on Friday for the guys at 11 AM or will the guys get lucky and get a 4PM start or later.

Rumor: of 2 more players from unknown teams are currently being looked at, so teams could change some more.
Also can anyone find the current DII signee on one of the teams.

Any captains want to write their bio send a message, have some fun but nothing offensive

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

State Championship Teams Taking Shape

It appears the State Championships lineup is taking shape:

Mid-Season Winner: Miller/Fairley is in

NWA: Humbert-Stursma/Bella Vista/BV

CLR: Miller/Fairley and Birch will fight it out this week, but both teams should advance into State -- Teams Split matches to finish season, good hard fought matches on both sides

 NEA: No matches played, Cato added to 2 Memphis Players, which seem suspect at best but appear in rules as long as Bolds has not played College, although the 4.0 rating is an absolute joke. The 2nd team has more 4.0 players than 4.5, need a rule made that team requires 2/3 of players to be at level so jokes like this don't happen. Still need to play 3-4 matches by Monday

WATA: Same as Jonesboro, Laster set to win but second team has more 4.0 than 4.5 players, another joke league. Still need to play 3-4 matches by Monday

Independent: Kiker second team setup but 1 player signed-up, not sure I see how they will play 3-4 matches in this league to get qualified Seeing potentially 6 teams for State, Hopefully ATA will not go with the craptastic 2 divisions of 3 teams route in order to make money, but rather make it an endurance test and play a full RR of 5 matches.  -- UPDATE NO GO

Cato is shaping to be a powerhouse and with the additions of the young guns could be the favorite or even money with Miller/Fairley

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update on some Matches

Central Little Rock Well season finally winding down, 1 team is eliminated from contention now. Robinson sits at 0-4 and out of any chance of going to State Tournament after dropping Robinson dropped 2 5-0 decisions to Miller's Team Miller also defeated Kiker 3-2 losing the 2 singles matches before sweeping the doubles. Kiker is now on the ropes for a standing 8 count on their chances to make State out of CLR. They have a big match against Birch Thursday Night. A Birch win knocks Kiker out of the running and all but clinches a spot at State for Birch with 3 more matches to complete. There were a few additions over the last few weeks and subtractions. Birch: lost Hudson and Edens back to Jonesboro, even though Jonesboro still only has one team filled, the second team still has not registered any players, I hate this right now because it should throw up many red flags, the same thing is happening in Hot Springs as well. WATA is not much different with no matches being played. Time for ATA to step in and maybe force WATA/NWA to consolidate when there are only 2 teams in each region, they are only an hour apart. NEA is a bit tougher. Maybe it is time for the guys to suck it up and do what the ladies do and play a travel league. Kiker: Added Udai Garimella and Scott Eibes both former D3 players but ultimately non-factors right now. Garimella though has 2 nice wins over Freeman and J. Murphy Miller: Added 5.0 self-rate appeal Justin Mattocks and former Henderson State player Matt Hardeee, both will be interesting to follow. Mattocks is more of a game changer but needs to watch out for strikes. Strike Watch Matt Jones is 8-0 right now, assume he has 1 strike from the Gilliland/Herring destruction at Mid-Season, maybe more. Mattocks will need to be watched, Hardee already has 2 wins as a 4.0 so he probably should be rerated to 4.5. Taunton on Kiker's team is close, but maybe safe now with a few losses Garimella: may have a strike after beating Murphy Andrew Todd: 3-0 with all straight set wins and many breadsticks, but over a 4.0 self-rate More updates next week as more matches get played. All matches must be done by May 19th.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mid-Season in the Books -- Miller/Fairley Perfection

Well not much to say other than Miller/Fairley dominated going 15-0 this weekend, very dominating. They were money in MTB going 5-0, including 2 in the Birch match and 2 in the Kiker match Birch took 2nd squeaking by Robinson in final match with MTB win at #3 doubles after dominating the singles lines.

MVP for the weekend: Matt Ridgeway Jones 3-0 in dominating performances with the best win being a straight set shellacking of Guy Gilliland/Brent Herring, probably equals strike #1.

Bynum Matthews as always solid in doubles winning with 3 different partners.

Otto Fry also appears to be recovered from calf injury and put together 2 solid singles wins over the weekend beating Kyle Clem and Kevin Luneau handily.

Eddie Bailey showed he is one of the best singles players in the state and puts any injury issues to rest for now.

Interesting result was the Luneau/Toliver doubles team beating a solid Taunton/Martin team and then nearly clinching a win over Gilliland/Herring tandem.

2nd Place went to Birch and assuming they finish 1st or 2nd in league play should advance to state. MTB's were their bane for the weekend going 1-5 in the clutch play. Not having Hudson for the weekend was huge but may not have stopped the juggernaut of Miller/Fairley this weekend. As well as missing Lyon and Edens may not have turned the tide quite yet, but could be interesting come state June 6-8th.

So not much has changed Miller/Fairley is clearly the best team right now in the state and appears ready to make a deep run at Sectionals provided their 40+ guys do not run out of steam playing double duty, same could be said for Birch as well with half of team pulling double duty as well We shall see what happens and will update later with new information as it comes down the wire.

*** Side Note** Kiker's Team as added former Hendrix Player Udai Garimella, nice addition but in the end will not be a game changer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mid-Season Tournament 48 hrs out

Well the annual tradition of playing a Mid-Season Tournament continues in Arkansas with the 4 Central Little Rock Teams being the only representatives this year, guess NWA and WATA decided to save their $150 and play with each other back home, more like beatdown their weaker step-brother to advance to State.
So with that said lets look at matches:
Match #1 2:00 PM Saturday Birch v. Kiker: Already played one full match with Birch winning 4-1, think will see the same score, Kiker may have a few more of their players this time, but so will Birch. 1st match Birch did not have a few big guns playing, such as Hoffmann, Gilliland, and Byrd. Expect them both to play as well as the addition of Herring who appears to be eligible by the skin of his teeth. Just do not see Kiker having any chance to pull this out. Doubtful the team will miss Lyon, Hudson or Edens for this match Miller v. Robinson: Much like the other match-up, see this one going 4-1 as well for Miller. Just do not see where Robinson wins a line unless Miller throws out his B-Team, no names going to be given out. Expect Miller to roll out a stout team to shake off some rust, will Bailey be healthy for the weekend, can Matthews continue his doubles dominance from 2013. Match #2 8:00 AM Sunday Let the fun begin Robinson v. Kiker: Could be an interesting match depending on who is awake early enough, going to go with Kiker 3-2 with a few MTB's. All about match-ups. Kiker should have best player in Taunton, but Robinson is a veteran team with some good players. Not sure who goes out in singles for either team except for maybe Clem for Kiker, assume K Luneau for Robinson. Split the singles and Kiker takes 2/3 doubles Miller v. Birch: For all of the marbles here. Who will be able to shake off the crusties for this match. Again all about the match-up. Not having Hudson will hurt in this case. Ideal Match-up: 1S: Hoffmann v P. Murphy 2S: Garretson v. Bailey (if healthy) or Clifford 1D: Delco/Gilliland v. Matt Jones/Miller 2D: Byrd/Jones v Matthews/Bourdo 3D: Herring/Birch v Heflin Bros. Overall think in gut will go to Miller 4-1 with several close matches. Match #3 2:00 PM Sunday Miller v. Kiker: Steam roll time should be 5-0 but probably end up 4-1 or 3-2. Will too much energy be used in the 8 AM match by Miller would be the kicker. Do not see a path to victory for Kiker, fight hard but just not there with the guns. Birch v Robinson: again similar to other match should be a 5-0 romp but probably 4-1, Robinson could sneak one out but will be tough unless Birch is tired from morning match and can not field their strongest team. Just my opinion as I will watch from the sidelines this weekend unfortunately. Should be entertaining to track at the least. Good Luck to all teams

Monday, April 7, 2014

New additions shake-up CLR Race Possibly

Open up the League site on USTA and what do I see 2 new names on Birch's team.
They are not in time for Mid-Season Tournament but will play regular season matches.
Additions of Aaron Hudson and Matt Edens make the race for CLR very interesting as they now balance out the singles in many ways with Miller having Eddie Bailey and Patrick Murphy.
Hudson and Edens can both play singles and will help out Hoffmann more than likely and allow Delco into the doubles line-up.
Some strong possibilities now and some great match-ups could be headed to the LR Area Courts in the near future as Miller and Birch go to Battle.
Excellent recruiting by Birch, but also opens the question will there be a Jonesboro League or do we see more defections from Jonesboro to a CLR team. Maybe Armstrong/Hunter go to Miller if room? Daniel Milnes, Huckabee, Harris where do they go?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


IN CLR Birch beat Kiker 4-1. The match had 2 5.0 appeal downs playing one for each team and not surprisingly both won their respective matches. Brett Taunton teamed with Jonathan Martin to beat Birch/Bacon 2-6, 6-0, 10-8 @#1 doubles. Jason Lyon played with Stuart Jones at #2 to defeat Kiker/Anderson 6-4, 6-4 using late breaks in both sets to serve it out. Remaining Matches Brad Delco defeated Shaun Wiseman 1,0 Kyle Garretson (5.0 Bump down) beat Kyle Clem 4,2 #3D: Marquez/Jackson snuck by Nordentoft/Williams 5-7, 6-4, 10-7 In NWA Humbert-Stursma/Bella Vista/BV shutout Purkey 5-0 in two straight matches and have all but clinched a state berth, not playing mid-season Humbert is led by Appealed Andrew Todd, self-rate so will need to watch scores and any grievances, though think he may already have 2 strikes with consecutive straight set wins 1,1 and 1,2 The team has may solid doubles players in Humbert and Sturmas as well as Slaveski, but the big question as always will be will they show up at State.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Say What is this Blog Dead!! Resurrection 2014

Time to make a comeback after being lazy for 2-3 yrs. Will start handicapping the 4.0/4.5/5.0 leagues as time and teams form in the near future. Should be fun!! 4.5 Men 18+ League Appears to be 10 teams across the state 4 in CLR, 2 NE, 2 NWA, 2 WATA, 2 Hot Springs/SWA  

NWA: Appears Sturmsa-Humbert will be at State with convincing 5-0 wins already over their league mates 10:1 State Chances

 NEA: Scott Hunter led team that appears to be stout. Hunter/Armstrong one of the best doubles teams, when they feel like playing. Aaron Hudson Willy LaFerney and Matt Edens are solid singles guys, Milnes/Cato/Owens good doubles, but who else will they add. Should have no issues advancing to state and one of the Top 3 right now even with slim roster 5:1 State Chances

 Hot Springs: Kiker going the back way again this year playing 2 leagues and using Hot Springs to advance, should be similar to his CLR team. Good but just not strong enough to compete with the big guns of the state. 50:1 State Chances  

WATA: Again just another league of teams with Seth Laster using it to advance. 6 guys on team including Kevin Hickey. Much like Kiker, but a little more dangerous and last year they hurt Birch in tournament play, so could be dangerous opponent for others come state. 15:1 State Chances  
CLR: This is the main league of 4 Teams based in Little Rock and will be the only 4 teams playing at Mid-season to get the automatic berth. I would expect the 2nd place team would also advance to state this year ad have 5 teams for the state tournament.

1. Wyatt Miller: Early favorites right now. They are a merging of sorts after Brad Phelps bump up. They have the lock down singles player in Eddie Bailey, they also have a great stable of doubles players in Matthews, M.R. Jones (5.0 Appeal), Wyatt, Heflin Brothers, and the Murphy Boys. Questions: Who is the #2 Singles? Patrick Murphy and Eugene Clifford Can they field three solid doubles teams on a match by match basis? Right now put them down at 2:1 to win State and go to Sectionals.

2. Brent Birch: Should be the clear #2 team. Has some depth and solid doubles players in Garretson, Delco, Byrd, returning Herring, and Gilliland Singles: Hoffmann but then who? Can Gilliland handle the #2 spot, will there be a Dinehart sign-up coming after mid-season tournament? Overall solid team but can they compete with the depth of Wyatt's team. Solidly #3 team in state behind Wyatt and Hunter. 10:1 State 

3. Danny Robinson: No overwhelming players but solid 4.5 players, best player would be K. Luneau. Veteran team but not sure they can compete for 6 matches, see them going 3-3 ad fighting Kiker for 3rd place.

 4. Brandon Kiker: They have Brett Taunton on their team, but one player does not make a championship team. They will be dangerous but lack of depth will hurt. Kyle Clem will need to step up in singles to help and then hope they can sneak out some doubles matches. Kiker/Anderson are veteran team that can compete against anyone but just not against the best teams. Do not see any singles guys to compete with the likes of Hoffmann, Bailey, Murphy, Todd, or Hudson. As teams line-up better will update early predictions.