Friday, July 28, 2017

Post Sectionals Recap and Old Men 40's Sectionals

Well the youngsters finished Sectionals last weekend and well my predicitions kinda sucked.

AR 4.0: 2-2, but could have been 4-0 with 2 MTB wins. No Wiseman, no Kaliki probably hurt, but it is what it is. Not sure who gets bumped to 4.5 next, although have to assume, Zimmerman, Meredith, Wiseman are likely candidates.

AR 4.5: 0-4, not wholly unexpected, this was more of a 40 and over team, with a couple youngsters to feed to the brutal heat. Good fights but not their year. Believe Casey G. saved himself a bump with a few losses at Sectionals.

AR 5.0: 0-4, pretty disappointing result, this team was pretty stacked, but without a Kajevski and Martinex would have been tough but with a few of the guys though would have done better.

40 and overs started today and the 4.5 Men got a big win over GA (A). .

Good luck the rest of the way for the 4.5 guys.
With a dominating 5-0 win over SC the men play the Finals this morning, I would think they would be the favorites against NC. Singles appears in favor of AR, doubles always turns into a toss-up at this level.
Depth at #2/3 should favor AR with Bynum/Lloyd, John/Joe


Forrest Hickey said...

So who has been writing all this stuff???

Forrest Hickey said...

Who is writing this stuff???

AR Hacked Off said...

I hear the Wiseman knows and that lefty down in Saline County knows, but it is a secret :)
But I do know you ;)

AR Hacked Off said...

now now Forrest, no need for the language. You know me, because we have played before. In fact nothing negative on my end. See you on the court, once you reach the 40+ league.