Monday, November 30, 2015

New Ratings re Out for Arkansas

I know I am asshole with such a tease, I'll comeback for more later today or tomorrow, or whenever the hell I feel like it.

Will say first glance interesting, but not a lot of excitement
For those to lazy to look follow this link and figure it out:

Update 10:43 PM

Alright the big man at Burns has requested some knowledge be shed for 2015 season so here goes

1. 5 guys from Ft Smith got the bump to 5.0, damn guess that means UAFS will now win 5.0 leagues
2. Batman and Robin from Little Rock can no longer dominate 8.5, but I hear they may tackle 9.5 now
3. Kiker, Luneau, Robinson, Nordentoft in 2016 beat Marc Nixon, that way you can go down to 4.0
4. Tank You Very Much Award: Papa Murphy
5. Miller, Phelps, Jones and the other 5.0s on the Sectional Team, thanks for not tanking
6. Jonesboro 2016: Rivas is back, but leave the MS guys alone
7. How many teams with the dynamic duo commit to next year, only to be foiled by the pesky sign-up deadlines
8. How many 4.5 teams for 2016 in CLR? 3 or 4? With there be another schism (get a f'n dictionary and stop being lazy) between CF and BB as the tankers come back down?
9. Who are some potential free agents? MD, G.BB

10. It's lonely at the top in 4.0 Award? --> Jacob "Don't call me McDaniel" McDaniels. Really congrats on being the poor sucker to be bumped to 4.5 out of all the 4.0s

11. Will I ever talk about NWA tennis? Maybe once they decide to leave their Country Clubs in Walton Land for a full weekend and do something at Southern Sectionals, not that weak ass Mo. Valley stuff.

12. The WTF is USTA Computer thinking award: Sergio Ramirez getting a 5.0 rating despite blasting everyone at 5.0 and only loss being to a 5.5 in three sets. Who ever gets him in Spring 2016 will be happy, now they can get another stud college player

Night, Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc..

Monday, November 9, 2015

Combo State -- Wait What!??!!

Hmm for some reason some clowns still like to view this site on occassion, must be bored or have a 5th grade reading level for this drivel.
So anyways after hearing about 1 person's interest, let's discuss that beast of a format called Combo, in particular 8.5 combo.

Whoa!! Hold on to your butts, saw everything from 4.5/4.0 combos, to a 5.0/4.5 combo (well ok will be in about 3 weeks), then there was a 5.0/3.5 popular and what about that 5.5/3.0 line winning a match.

So in the end the tennis player, turned farmer/rancher Kiker led his band of goons to the title, while texting non-stop and never stepping foot on the court, well done.

Hoffmann/McDaniels won the clutch matches, although they must have been bored as they actually lost a match to Rogers or still pissed about forgetting a sign-up deadline

ATA's favorite son and Burns Park superintendent won everything this weekend

As for the other teams:
Rogers as usual showed up for one day, then said fuck it, let's go home with one their best players only playing one match, very important when they defaulted a court in a crucial match

Jonesboro was a man down all weekend for whatever reason, but fear not the tanks are coming for 2016

Ft Smith: again without one their best players all weekend, guess studying and playing college tennis makes it tough to play against the best rec players in AR.

Oyos: HAHAHA!!! oh wait they nearly took the title even with a 8.0 team taking 8.5 to third, will be entertaining to hear the whining of what could have been.

Anyways, nothing else to talk about, next week is 7.5 and 9.5 but who cares right it is only combo.

Get ready for 2016 Boys Papa Murphy and the tanks are coming and new ratings come out in a few weeks, I might discuss those if drunk enough or not breaking rackets.

Peace out to the lefty that for some reasons surfs the site.