Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Say What is this Blog Dead!! Resurrection 2014

Time to make a comeback after being lazy for 2-3 yrs. Will start handicapping the 4.0/4.5/5.0 leagues as time and teams form in the near future. Should be fun!! 4.5 Men 18+ League Appears to be 10 teams across the state 4 in CLR, 2 NE, 2 NWA, 2 WATA, 2 Hot Springs/SWA  

NWA: Appears Sturmsa-Humbert will be at State with convincing 5-0 wins already over their league mates 10:1 State Chances

 NEA: Scott Hunter led team that appears to be stout. Hunter/Armstrong one of the best doubles teams, when they feel like playing. Aaron Hudson Willy LaFerney and Matt Edens are solid singles guys, Milnes/Cato/Owens good doubles, but who else will they add. Should have no issues advancing to state and one of the Top 3 right now even with slim roster 5:1 State Chances

 Hot Springs: Kiker going the back way again this year playing 2 leagues and using Hot Springs to advance, should be similar to his CLR team. Good but just not strong enough to compete with the big guns of the state. 50:1 State Chances  

WATA: Again just another league of teams with Seth Laster using it to advance. 6 guys on team including Kevin Hickey. Much like Kiker, but a little more dangerous and last year they hurt Birch in tournament play, so could be dangerous opponent for others come state. 15:1 State Chances  
CLR: This is the main league of 4 Teams based in Little Rock and will be the only 4 teams playing at Mid-season to get the automatic berth. I would expect the 2nd place team would also advance to state this year ad have 5 teams for the state tournament.

1. Wyatt Miller: Early favorites right now. They are a merging of sorts after Brad Phelps bump up. They have the lock down singles player in Eddie Bailey, they also have a great stable of doubles players in Matthews, M.R. Jones (5.0 Appeal), Wyatt, Heflin Brothers, and the Murphy Boys. Questions: Who is the #2 Singles? Patrick Murphy and Eugene Clifford Can they field three solid doubles teams on a match by match basis? Right now put them down at 2:1 to win State and go to Sectionals.

2. Brent Birch: Should be the clear #2 team. Has some depth and solid doubles players in Garretson, Delco, Byrd, returning Herring, and Gilliland Singles: Hoffmann but then who? Can Gilliland handle the #2 spot, will there be a Dinehart sign-up coming after mid-season tournament? Overall solid team but can they compete with the depth of Wyatt's team. Solidly #3 team in state behind Wyatt and Hunter. 10:1 State 

3. Danny Robinson: No overwhelming players but solid 4.5 players, best player would be K. Luneau. Veteran team but not sure they can compete for 6 matches, see them going 3-3 ad fighting Kiker for 3rd place.

 4. Brandon Kiker: They have Brett Taunton on their team, but one player does not make a championship team. They will be dangerous but lack of depth will hurt. Kyle Clem will need to step up in singles to help and then hope they can sneak out some doubles matches. Kiker/Anderson are veteran team that can compete against anyone but just not against the best teams. Do not see any singles guys to compete with the likes of Hoffmann, Bailey, Murphy, Todd, or Hudson. As teams line-up better will update early predictions.

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