Monday, April 7, 2014

New additions shake-up CLR Race Possibly

Open up the League site on USTA and what do I see 2 new names on Birch's team.
They are not in time for Mid-Season Tournament but will play regular season matches.
Additions of Aaron Hudson and Matt Edens make the race for CLR very interesting as they now balance out the singles in many ways with Miller having Eddie Bailey and Patrick Murphy.
Hudson and Edens can both play singles and will help out Hoffmann more than likely and allow Delco into the doubles line-up.
Some strong possibilities now and some great match-ups could be headed to the LR Area Courts in the near future as Miller and Birch go to Battle.
Excellent recruiting by Birch, but also opens the question will there be a Jonesboro League or do we see more defections from Jonesboro to a CLR team. Maybe Armstrong/Hunter go to Miller if room? Daniel Milnes, Huckabee, Harris where do they go?

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