Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 End of Year Ratings - By Popular Demand

Ok maybe not popular but for me one request is enough to type up something real quick

Good-bye nice to know you in 4.5 land.
Casey Garretson, Eddie Bailey, Alex Scharlau, Alex Rivas, and Jay Heflin got the boot to 5.0
UAFS and OBU Junior Pups also saw their fun end going to 5.0

Hey we missed you Award and welcome back to 4.5: Brandon Cox out in WATA.
Raul Bermudez finally gets his 5.0 rating, will be tough to beat there. I am sure Wyatt and crew are beating his door for 5.0 and 40+ 4.5 league

Super Mario and Baylor Stud Sergio get kicked to 5.5, after dominating 5.0 and 9.0 mixed

Those celebrating the new ratings:
Adam Zimmerman and Jimbo Ramsey -- Congrats on another year to dominate those poor bastards at 4.0 yet again

Drinking Salty Tears yet again: Brandon Kiker, what does the poor man have to do to get to 4.0 again. Is it time to get visual verifiers out again? There are many players who who probably be about 1 level lower, while others need to be higher.

Will USTA do anything about Juniors self-rating prior to signing with a college, thus playing 1-3 levels below where they should be. Sorry no D2 player/signee should be playing 4.0 and even 4.5 league.
I am looking at you UAFS and OBU signees.

2017 4.5 season will be interesting to see where a few juniors land as they finalize college plans.

Few 4.0 to 4.5 bumps: Synco, McCloud, Show get to have fun in tankers paradise .. I mean 4.5 league.

Ok for now I am done, but will taker longer look later and have some more fun.

So just saw a complete ringer placed into 4.0 team, what a nice Christmas Gift by Southern and ATA to allow it, won't reveal the name, but player when healthy is a 5.0 doubles player. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Bring it On 2017!

Out 4.5 Hacker

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