Tuesday, May 13, 2014

State Championship Teams Taking Shape

It appears the State Championships lineup is taking shape:

Mid-Season Winner: Miller/Fairley is in

NWA: Humbert-Stursma/Bella Vista/BV

CLR: Miller/Fairley and Birch will fight it out this week, but both teams should advance into State -- Teams Split matches to finish season, good hard fought matches on both sides

 NEA: No matches played, Cato added to 2 Memphis Players, which seem suspect at best but appear in rules as long as Bolds has not played College, although the 4.0 rating is an absolute joke. The 2nd team has more 4.0 players than 4.5, need a rule made that team requires 2/3 of players to be at level so jokes like this don't happen. Still need to play 3-4 matches by Monday

WATA: Same as Jonesboro, Laster set to win but second team has more 4.0 than 4.5 players, another joke league. Still need to play 3-4 matches by Monday

Independent: Kiker second team setup but 1 player signed-up, not sure I see how they will play 3-4 matches in this league to get qualified Seeing potentially 6 teams for State, Hopefully ATA will not go with the craptastic 2 divisions of 3 teams route in order to make money, but rather make it an endurance test and play a full RR of 5 matches.  -- UPDATE NO GO

Cato is shaping to be a powerhouse and with the additions of the young guns could be the favorite or even money with Miller/Fairley

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