Tuesday, May 20, 2014

State Championships right around the Corner

League Play has Finished and let the Games begin

Assuming there will be a 5 Team Royal Rumble the weekend of June 6-8th Five Teams Fighting to Go To Sectionals


Cato/Jonesboro: Bolds has been DQ'ed to 5.0, believe it was a Dynamic DQ and not grievance




 Should be interesting will the 4 teams have their full line-ups for that inevitable Friday match that ATA loves to play on Friday for the guys at 11 AM or will the guys get lucky and get a 4PM start or later.

Rumor: of 2 more players from unknown teams are currently being looked at, so teams could change some more.
Also can anyone find the current DII signee on one of the teams.

Any captains want to write their bio send a message, have some fun but nothing offensive

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arktennis said...

The 0,0s do say something. The TOC is on the player experience guidelines, though, so the ratings police should be looking at it.