Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update on some Matches

Central Little Rock Well season finally winding down, 1 team is eliminated from contention now. Robinson sits at 0-4 and out of any chance of going to State Tournament after dropping Robinson dropped 2 5-0 decisions to Miller's Team Miller also defeated Kiker 3-2 losing the 2 singles matches before sweeping the doubles. Kiker is now on the ropes for a standing 8 count on their chances to make State out of CLR. They have a big match against Birch Thursday Night. A Birch win knocks Kiker out of the running and all but clinches a spot at State for Birch with 3 more matches to complete. There were a few additions over the last few weeks and subtractions. Birch: lost Hudson and Edens back to Jonesboro, even though Jonesboro still only has one team filled, the second team still has not registered any players, I hate this right now because it should throw up many red flags, the same thing is happening in Hot Springs as well. WATA is not much different with no matches being played. Time for ATA to step in and maybe force WATA/NWA to consolidate when there are only 2 teams in each region, they are only an hour apart. NEA is a bit tougher. Maybe it is time for the guys to suck it up and do what the ladies do and play a travel league. Kiker: Added Udai Garimella and Scott Eibes both former D3 players but ultimately non-factors right now. Garimella though has 2 nice wins over Freeman and J. Murphy Miller: Added 5.0 self-rate appeal Justin Mattocks and former Henderson State player Matt Hardeee, both will be interesting to follow. Mattocks is more of a game changer but needs to watch out for strikes. Strike Watch Matt Jones is 8-0 right now, assume he has 1 strike from the Gilliland/Herring destruction at Mid-Season, maybe more. Mattocks will need to be watched, Hardee already has 2 wins as a 4.0 so he probably should be rerated to 4.5. Taunton on Kiker's team is close, but maybe safe now with a few losses Garimella: may have a strike after beating Murphy Andrew Todd: 3-0 with all straight set wins and many breadsticks, but over a 4.0 self-rate More updates next week as more matches get played. All matches must be done by May 19th.

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