Thursday, May 29, 2014

State Tournament Schedule Released ... oh it is a Doozy by the ATA on the guys

So old days the biggest complaint has been the guys having to play a match on Friday and missing work because of a match schedule at noon and then nothing until Saturday, well the higher ups at ATA decided to go one further and scheduled not "1" but "2" matches on Friday. Should make for interesting line-ups on Friday

So matches:
Birch v Cato
Fairley/Miller v. Humbert/Stursma
Laster v Humbert/Stursma
Fairley/Miller v. Birch

11:00 AM
Humbert/Stursma v Cato
Fairley/Miller v. Laster

5:00 PM
Fairley/Miller v Cato
Birch v. Laster

11:00 AM
Humbert/Stursma v Birch
Cato v. Laster

Good luck to all and have fun on the courts

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